It costs a lot of money to keep the DNA Database running. Just think of all the costs that go to software, hardware, webhosting, envelopes, stamps, telephone costs, gas costs, etc. Not even mentioning the many hours that are put into the database on a weekly basis by volunteers. We also have some wishes for the future. We would really like (and have to!) upgrade the database and make it possible to add more secondary information on the horses into the database. This will make running queries easier, faster and more efficient. We would also like to get a professional website with more functionalities.

From the start of the database in 2009 we decided we would not ask for any money for our services. We want every Gypsy Horse owner to be able to add their horse into the database. In order to find out more about pedigrees it is important that we add as many Gypsy Horses as possible, not only the ones with more fortunate owners.

All donations are voluntary, we will never make payment an obligation. If you want to make a donation you can use the link below. You can decide yourself how much you want to give. There is no minimum amount, we are grateful anyway.

Would you rather transfer the money directly onto our bank account? Then get in touch with us via e-mail. Please keep in mind that it costs us 5 euro per received payment from abroad onto our bank account.

Thank you so much for your donation and ongoing support. It is appreciated very much!