Frequently Asked Questions

Which horses are already in the database?


To view a list of all the horses that are in the database at this moment (March 24th 2015) you can click here.

You need Adobe Reader to open the files. If you canít open the files please send us an e-mail.

Will you find my horse's parents?

Hopefully. But we don't know. It is possible that we will never find a match for your horse.
It is also possible that we only find matches that are inconclusive.

How long will it take for you to find a possible match?

This depends on the amount of the DNA profiles we receive. It is logical that the more DNA profiles we have, the higher the chances of finding a possible match. It is possible that we don't find a match right away, but contact you months or even years later that a possible match has been found.

What about my personal contact information?

Your contact information is strictly private and will not be published online or given to other horse owners without your permission.
The name of your horse however will be published in the database.



Will my studbook accept the results?


That depends on the studbook your horse is registered in. Almost all international studbooks accept the results of the database. If you want to make sure your studbook is one of them you can send us an e-mail or ask your studbook directly.


ICS Netherlands and her daughter affiliates do not accept any of the results of the database. This means they wonít adjust any passports and wonít accept the DNA profiles that were made through us. If you do want results to be registered in the ICS Netherlands studbook you will have to ask ICS Netherlands to perform the DNA test again. For more information about the restrictions of ICS Netherlands we advise you to contact them directly.

Other Questions

We will be adding more frequently asked questions in the future. If you have another question please contact us at

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