How can I join?

In order to make this project a success we need loads of DNA profiles. This is where YOU come in.
Please help us to create an International DNA Databank for this wonderful breed and send in your horse's DNA profile today!
We are not a studbook and all Gypsy Horses are welcome to join the DNA Databank!

My horse already has a DNA profile


If you want to have the DNA profile of your horse added to the database the only thing you have to do is send the profile to us and fill in the information about you and your horse on this form (39,5kb). This is totally FREE of charge.



My horse doesn’t have a DNA profile yet


Don’t have a DNA profile of your horse? You can have one made by a lab of your choice. Good options are The Van Haeringen Lab, the University of Kentucky or Animal Genetics. Whichever lab you choose to use, make sure they include 17 markers in the DNA profile.


Some studbooks have contracts with labs and offer you the possibility to have a DNA profile created through them against lower rates. Make sure they are willing to give you (and us!) permission to use the DNA profile for parentage tests. If the studbook creates a DNA profile for you they become the legal owner of the profile. (The ICS studbook will not give you this permission and will not give you the DNA profile of your horse.)

To create a DNA profile of your horse you need:

1. 30-40 hairs pulled from mane or tail including the roots of the hairs. Check if you can see the roots at the end of the hair you pulled. It is easier to pull hair from under the mane or tail, if the skin is warmer, the hairs come out more easily. Use tweezers or a pen to pull the hairs. (twist the hair around the pen and pull)

2. Put the hairs in a re-sealable bag. On this bag you mention the name of your horse, registration number and the name of the owner (your name)

3. Go to the website of the lab you prefer. Print the registration form and send it to the lab together with your DNA sample. It is not always customary for the lab to send you the DNA profile. Some labs will only send you a confirmation that the DNA pattern was registered. Make sure you specifically ask for the DNA profile at your application form. If you have trouble filling in the registration form you are more than welcome to ask us for help. Just send us an e-mail.


4. You will receive the DNA profile and the invoice directly from the lab.


5. After you receive the DNA profile you make a copy of it and fill in the DNA Database registration form. Make sure you sign this. Send the profile and the form to us at

6. We add the profile of your horse to the DNA Database. If we find a match we will inform you about this through e-mail. There are no costs involved. Please make sure we have your current e-mail address on file.

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