After a match is confirmed by the lab we post them on this page. As soon as more results are in, we will expand this part of the website.

* Abbytales Katinka X The Midget= Abbytales Ciara

Katinka was imported while in foal. Ciara was born in the Netherlands and her sire has been unknown ever since. Until know.

* Mira, Zoe and Megan Mealla are all sired by The Old Horse of Wales.

These mares were all imported and nothing was known about their pedigree.


* Irish Silver Mane is the dam of stud stallion Kent.

Kent is an imported stallion of age. We never dreamed of finding out anything about his pedigree. Irish Silver Mane was born in the mid 80’s and was exported to Denmark. Sadly she passed away recently. This case shows why DNA of the older horses is so important and why we have to work together internationally to get results.


* Gypsy Elite Pride and Joy is the sire of stud stallion Thunder

Thunder and Pride are both famous stud stallions. Pride and Joy is currently in the USA at Gypsy Elite. He is a gentleman of age. Nothing was known of Thunder’s pedigree. Because both stallions have a lot of offspring this was a very important discovery.


* Babet is sired by Gypsy Elite Pride and Joy

Babet was imported from England and turned out to be sired by Pride and Joy. Of course we checked if Pride and Joy was still in England in the year she was conceived. Babet didn’t only find out who her sire is but also gained a famous half brother!


* Chester is the sire of Amalia

Chester was gelded after he was imported to Europe. It was known that he was used as a stud in England for some time. Amalia was exported from England and nothing was known about her pedigree.

Bonnie is the dam of Icemama
Bonnie and Icemama both came from England originally. Icemama is currently in Finland. Bonnie sadly passed away.


* Raven van Gipsy Spirit is the sire of Falcon and O’Bryan van de Kendelhoeve.

Raven is originally from England. He and Falcon had the same owner/breeder in England and were both sold to the Netherlands. O’Bryan was imported from England as well. Raven is now in Denmark, Falcon is owned by West Hill Farms in the US and O’Bryan is in the Netherlands. All of these stallions are still used in breeding and that is why this is a very important discovery!

* Heyleigh is the daughter of Snowdon.

Snowdon and Heyleigh were both imported by the same horsetrader. Snowdon was gelded but there always was a suspicion he had been used for breeding. Recently the owner of Snowdon purchased Heyleigh and send in their DNA. It turned out Snowdon is Heyleigh’s sire. A big surprise!

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